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Celebrity Chef

Hola my name is Daniel Silva.

I am very happy to represent Mexico City in this year’s Savor Mexico.

My restaurant is named Mariscos El Paisa and it was started by my grandfather in the Mercado Jamaica in 1958.  I grew up in the family business – which, like any other seafood stand in the market, had a straightforward menu of shrimp cocktail and fried fish.  In 2002 I left Mexico and worked in high-end restaurants all over the world, including in the U.K., Italy and the U.S.  I returned to Mexico in 2009 with hopes of taking over the business.  I wanted to apply everything I learned during all those years overseas while maintaining the Mexican touch and ingredients that have drawn customers for decades.  I completely revamped the menu so as to offer a wide range of seafood dishes that incorporate unique flavors. The extensive menu reflects my culinary training overseas, with French and Asian accents. I visit the fish market every morning, so the ceviche is fresh and bright. As a result, the restaurant has expanded over the years from one stand to six adjoining ones.